Trail/Horse Rides

Our experienced wranglers are familiar with the forest trails which stretch for miles in every direction, great with horses and people too! They have several favorite trails which, in a short time, can have you high on a mountainside or in a lush mountain meadow. Our horses are gentle and surefooted enough so that the young or inexperienced rider can share the enjoyment of a ride through wilderness scenery along the wild game trails of the Shoshone National Forest. An early morning ride is a great time to see the wildlife. Plan on an early dinner and go for an evening ride. A cool, relaxing trail ride is a great way to leave behind a hot day in the car.

2013 Rates

1 Hour    $40

2 Hours    $60

Half Day  $100

Full Day   $165

Minimum Age is 6 years old.

Maximum Weight is 250 pounds.

2 person minimum for half and full day rides.

Pony Lead for ages 3-5 years is $10


June - August



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